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Here’s a little throwback Wednesday (because heck stereotypes right) for all y’all! One of my first poems I ever wrote! Have a good November guys! ~~~~~~Song In Me~~~~~~ Play the song of my heart
Let me freely fall apart
Play the rhythm of my soul
Let me feel in control
Sing the melody of my emotions
With enough sadness to fill the oceans
Sing the notes of my past
That weren’t strong enough to last
Listen to my voice
Help me make the right choice
Listen to this air
The quiet tears everywhere
Join in the flow
Let me learn to let go
Join in the charade
Clean up this mess I made
Run to this beat
No mistakes may I repeat
Run to my love
So I may soar like a dove
Play the song of my heart
Let the beat in me start
Play the rhythm of my soul
Let me finally feel whole #anonpoet  #poets  #happypoet  #poetrygirl  #poetryblogs  #poetry  #littlepoet  #poetrycommunity  #imsorryforallthehashtags  #gottastartsomewhere 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 75
Sorry for not being active! Been struggling with the Apple glitch where you can’t type the first letter of iguana by itself! Really messed up my poetry schedule but I’ve found an old poem without that word! Thanks and enjoy! ~~~~ Pain

What's life without a little bit of pain
A little bit of sun, and a little bit of rain
The downer part of a terrible day
The words that you never want to say
When your body aches for hours
And it stands over you like towers
That's when you know it'll someday go away
That's when you know that you'll live to see another day
Although it hurts and you don't want to go on
That's when you finally have to realize it'll eventually be gone
Would emotions be possible without pain
Would you know about what could've happened, instead of what you gain?
With every triumph is a little bit of joy
That's just the counterpart of meeting a boy
Although he broke your heart you'll never forget
The lovely dates with the stars and candles lit
When it hurts, there's always that pain
You always will remember where he had lain
But without that pain, there would have never been joy
You can't feel emotions if the pain were to destroy
You can't feel happiness without remembering the past
The hills you've climbed, and the pain that didn't last
So what's life without a little bit of pain?
Impossible, horrible, and a little bit vain
To chose to take everyone's joy away
Is something that someone should never say
Pain is joy, and that's how it'll be
Forever and ever until eternity~~~~#poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #littlepoet  #anonpoet  #happypoet  #poems  #poets  #poetry  #poetsofinstagram  #poetrycommunity 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 91
Happy Sunday to all! Leave a comment below! ~~~~ Falling Deep

Eyes locked in your gaze
i can be the one who stays
Mind lost in your smile
i promise i’ll stay awhile
Heart beating fast
This time it’ll actually last
Innocent hands connected
You’ll never be the one rejected
Laughter in key
i know this was meant to be
Heart full of you
So sudden, so new
Lost in your game
Life will never be the same
Messing with my head in all you do
i can never get enough of you
Falling hard, falling deep
Let my heart be the one you keep~~~~#poets  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #littlepoet  #anonpoet  #poems  #poetrycommunity  #poetry  #poetsofinstagram  #poemsofinstagram  #love  #poemsoflove 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 109
Thanks to everyone leaving likes and comments!! Hope everyone here has an amazing Wednesday!!~~~~ Loving You

When my days turn sour
When the nights turn cold
You’re my dream at every hour
You’re my blanket to unfold
When it seems there’s nowhere to go
When I feel I’m so alone
You’ll pop up and say hello
Or give a call on the telephone
When I think I can’t go on
When life makes me want to cry
Just then the sun will dawn
And I’ll know you’re the reason why
You’re on my mind all day
Without you I couldn’t smile
You drive my sorrows away
And make me feel worthwhile
I swear you might love me
And I swear I might love you
Together is what we’re meant to be
For loving is what we’re made to do - The Anonymous Poet~~~~ #poetrycommunity  #poems  #littlepoet  #anonpoet  #poetryblogs  #poets  #poetry  #love  #happypoet  #happy  #blogs  #poetsofinstagram  #poemsofinstagram  #poemsforhim 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 94
It’s been a pretty good week for me! I think I’ll keep the blog going with the not super depressing poems! Here’s an almost cringe throwback! Tell someone you love them tomorrow! ❤️❤️~~~~ Valentine's Day

Spirits high, sugar level low
I hope you're here, I hope you know
I catch your eye, you look away from me
Hands in pockets you shuffle along endlessly
Candy all around
My heart plummets to the ground
No flowers for me
No valentine intended to be
The gossip I hear about you,
To be with a different girl, someone brand new
All you say
Is blaming me this day
Making me feel horrible and bad
Thanks man, you make me sad
I hope when you pass by
You turn around and quietly sigh
I hope you think about what we could be
Just as much as me-The Anonymous Poet~~~~#poetrycommunity  #poems  #littlepoet  #anonpoet  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #poetry  #poemsofinstagram  #poetsofinstagram  #love  #crush  #poemsofig  #iloveyou 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 85
Photography credits to @mo_f_photography Thanks for helping me reach 250 followers guys!!! Love to all! ~~~~Here~~~~ Here i am
Lying on the floor
Here i am
Wishing for more
This time i was so close
I really thought i was there
This time i was so close
But no one seems to care
The clock ticks by
It was too much to ask
The clock ticks by
Once again i put on my mask
It really hurt me
What you said what you did
It really hurt me
Still you treat me like a kid
I can’t keep doing this
Pretending I’m fine
I can’t keep doing this
Dancing on the borderline
You said you loved me
Yet you disappear
You said you loved me
But I’ll remain alone here ~~~~ #here  #alone  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #happypoet  #poets  #poetsofinstagram  #poems  #poemsofinstagram  #anonpoet  #poetrycommunity  #poetrycommunityofinstagram  #poetrygal 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 103
I’ve had super bad writers block for the past weeks, so i apologize for the crappy poetry. Please enjoy the throwback and leave a comment of criticism! Love to all! ~~~~ A Simple Crush~~~~ Your adorable brown eyes
The way you don't judge me by my size
Your brown, cut hair
How you pretend not to care
You're not afraid to stand up
You know better than to give up
I know you always cheat off of me
I know you think I don't always see
Nice try buddy, I'm smarter than I look
But with your calm yet cocky grin, I always let you off the hook
I look at you, you look at me
Exchanging glances endlessly
You see me look, I turn elsewhere
Blushing, because you caught me in a stare
Brushing hands, like a bolt of lightning
Honestly, liking you is quite frightning
My heart skips a beat
Our conversations on repeat
Talking with you, I'm always scared
I can't believe I like you, I can't believe I dared
I hear you shout my name
Don't play with my heart, this is not a game
You say you hate poetry, I know that's true
I can only hope that you don't hate me too ~~~~ #poetrycommunity  #anonpoet  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #happypoet  #poems  #poets  #poetry  #poetsofinstagram  #crush  #lovequotes  #love  #writersofinstagram  #writer  #writersblock  #poetryforever  #constructivecriticism  #poemsofinstagram 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 120
Stone Cold

I didn’t think because of you
i would ever be this mad
I always thought you
would never make me sad
I can’t believe you
screwed me over like you did
And of you I wish
i could finally be rid
I fell for your ditzy charm
was deluded by your game
This time
I really am giving you the blame
You messed me up bad
it’s getting hard to forgive you
You know what you did
Don’t pretend this isn’t true
I don’t know why you did this
Why you threw those wicked stones
The ones that cut me down
The ones that broke my bones
You really cut me deep
Twisted up my mind
And all this time
I honestly thought you were kind
Now I know the real you
I know just how cold you can be
You aren’t fooling me anymore
Through you, i clearly see
I promise this time
It won’t end the same way
Pull that stunt again
And it’ll be your doomsday
~~~~#poems  #poetrycommunity  #anonpoet  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #poetry  #poets  #writers  #poetsofinstagram  #poemsofinstagram  #writersofinstagram  #poetryofig  #thoughts 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 101
Today is the third month anniversary of this account!! Never would I have throught I would get 380 followers! Thank you all so much for your love and support! To celebrate, here’s the first poem I ever wrote as a little sixth grader!~~~~ Winter

The snow falls
And winter calls
The frosty air
Brings cold everywhere

A mountain of white
Houses filled with light
Not a leaf to be seen
Never a snowflake that is not clean

Christmas carols ringing 
As the whole Earth is singing
~~~~ #poems  #poetrycommunity  #anonpoet  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #firstpoem  #winter  #thanks  #poetry  #poets  #poetsofinstagram  #poemsofinstagram  #poetryofinstagram  #love  #christmas 
2/16/2018 (Fri) ❤ 96
Be bold today. Talk to someone you don’t normally talk to. Take a chance. Don’t give yourself a moment to regret. Love to all! ~~~~~~~ Hates Me

He hates me
It’s obvious to see
He stares at her all day
When I’m lost for words to say
How could i have thought
I’ll never be the one sought
He won’t ever love me
Nobody loves a girl ugly as can be
He’ll only look at me with disdain
I’m just the plain Jane
I thought it was real
Now i can barely even feel
He doesn’t like me
Just a wave in the sea
He doesn’t spare a second glance
How could i have thought i had a chance
Even i hate myself
Just a toy on the shelf
I swear he hates me
And that’s always how it’ll be~~~~ #poems  #poetrycommunity  #anonpoet  #poetryblogs  #poetrygirl  #poets  #poetry  #writersofinstagram  #writer  #blogger  #poetryofig  #poemsofinstagram  #hatesme  #bold  #writing  #onmymind  #poetryforthesoul 
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We’ve almost made it through the week guys!! Just one day more! 🙃🙃~~~~ Understand

I understand that I’m unwanted
I understand that you don’t care
By your smile I’m constantly haunted
But to ask i wouldn’t dare
I understand that you don’t need me
But i wish for it all the same
I wish your heart was set free
But I understand you don’t feel the flame
I understand but don’t accept
Why you treat me this way
I understand why I’m swept
Yet always left in dismay
I admit it breaks me down
And i feel as if I’ll burst
I admit in your essence i drown
But damn, loving you is the worst
#poetry  #poet  #poems  #poem  #poetrycommunity  #poetryofinstagram  #lovepoetry  #anonpoet  #poetryblog  #blogger  #writer  #writing  #writersofinstagram  #poemsofinstagram  #poetsofinstagram  #understand  #love  #roses  #valentinesday  #poemsforthesoul  #poeticjustice 
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