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Are you chasing dreams? Or chasing shots? Does going out drinking every weekend have you feeling happy? Does playing video games instead of working keep you satisfied? Simple minds will remain simple #notforme  #imadoer  #notaloser  don't surround yourself with people not on the same level. Losers associate with losers. Winners associate with winners. #whatsideareyouon  #initiative  KNOW YOUR WORTH
2/06/2018 (Tue) ❤ 15
Next weeks routine is going to make me stronger ! I’d say kill me because, I ain’t a morning person😏😩😬I gotta do this for me! 5:00 a.m here I come ! HARD ASS WORKOUTS 5 times a day!!! Going cold turkey 🦃 on the stuff I can’t eat anymore and working on my spiritual side ! I already got rid of anyone and everything I didn’t need this year. Worked on as much as I could on the inside as much as I did on the outside! Full throttle detox ! I have everything I want & need in the palm of my hands it’s time to just focus on me & push the hardest I ever have! I got a huge supporter right next to me and I’m super grateful for her @mariatollens your exactly what I needed!!! Let’s do this !!! I’m independent because I haven’t ever depended on anyone ever , not even the ones who conceived me !!! This time I need a gym partner especially that early in the morning 😂😬#gymbuddies #hardbabes #realqueensfixeachotherscrowns 👑 #uplift #itsnowornever #timewaitsfornoone ⏳#imdoingthisforme #iwillsucceed #myownpeptalk #selfdriven #selfmotivated #imadoer #fearisaliar #ivegottenhithard #gotbackup #praybig #dreamevenbigger 🙏
11/26/2017 (Sun) ❤ 39
”Man skal ikke blive demotiveret af sine svagheder. Man skal blive motiveret, for så har man noget helt konkret at arbejde med. Det gælder som trommeslager og med alt i livet”. Mød trommeslager Thomas Drachmann på 👉🏼 imadoer.dk #VierFans  #Trommeslager  #imadoer  @drachmannthomas
Pssst... er du på @smukfest, kan du garanteret finde ham på scenen sammen med @noahmusik på søndag 🍃🌳🌿
11/14/2017 (Tue) ❤ 23