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Next weeks routine is going to make me stronger ! I’d say kill me because, I ain’t a morning person😏😩😬I gotta do this for me! 5:00 a.m here I come ! HARD ASS WORKOUTS 5 times a day!!! Going cold turkey 🦃 on the stuff I can’t eat anymore and working on my spiritual side ! I already got rid of anyone and everything I didn’t need this year. Worked on as much as I could on the inside as much as I did on the outside! Full throttle detox ! I have everything I want & need in the palm of my hands it’s time to just focus on me & push the hardest I ever have! I got a huge supporter right next to me and I’m super grateful for her @mariatollens your exactly what I needed!!! Let’s do this !!! I’m independent because I haven’t ever depended on anyone ever , not even the ones who conceived me !!! This time I need a gym partner especially that early in the morning 😂😬#gymbuddies #hardbabes #realqueensfixeachotherscrowns 👑 #uplift #itsnowornever #timewaitsfornoone ⏳#imdoingthisforme #iwillsucceed #myownpeptalk #selfdriven #selfmotivated #imadoer #fearisaliar #ivegottenhithard #gotbackup #praybig #dreamevenbigger 🙏
11/26/2017 (Sun) ❤ 39
”Man skal ikke blive demotiveret af sine svagheder. Man skal blive motiveret, for så har man noget helt konkret at arbejde med. Det gælder som trommeslager og med alt i livet”. Mød trommeslager Thomas Drachmann på 👉🏼 imadoer.dk #VierFans  #Trommeslager  #imadoer  @drachmannthomas
Pssst... er du på @smukfest, kan du garanteret finde ham på scenen sammen med @noahmusik på søndag 🍃🌳🌿
11/14/2017 (Tue) ❤ 23