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Here’s a quick look on how to build a paper flower wall.
When you order flowers from @paperflora your flowers come on a sturdy cardboard backing. You can thread a wire through cardboard and use as a wire hanger or thread threw a backdrop as shown here. The NEW paper flower pre-cut kits include the cardboard backing too!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 72
Paper flower kits now available! Click link in profile.
Pre-cut petals
4 flower styles
3 sizes
5 colors
Color step by step directions
Video instructions
• • •
Custom colors available
Shipped within 2-3 days
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 184
You don’t need a whole wall of flowers to make a big statement!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 168
Lots of drama! These pink flowers really pop on the black background. Loving it!!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 115
I love the way this pretty backdrop turned out. You don’t need a whole wall of flowers to make a big impact!
💜 checkout my last post to see how it was assembled.
Macrame piece from @5below_
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 212
My day is going to filled with cutting , bending, folding and glueing ... what are your plans for today?
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 123
Make your own flowers for your Christmas decor. This set of 3 flowers with assorted holiday greenery is the perfect #DIY  project. Click link in profile to order yours today.
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 183
Look at this room! It’s adorable! You’ll love everything Cindy at @acottagegirl posts and won’t want to miss her stories! She is hosting a giveaway of my new paper flower kits so go to her feed to enter!!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 109
Today is Small Business Saturday. You’ll find lots of promotions from talented small business owners BUT after reading @prairielettershop post this morning it made me think “It’s Not Small To Me”
I work hard everyday, most days late into the evening- That’s Not Small!
I’m booked 8-10 weeks in advance - That’s Not Small!
I make more $$ now than I have at any other career I’ve had - That’s Not Small!
I’m the accountant, social media dept., advertiser, web designer, marketer, salesperson, packer, shipper... That’s Not Small!
I help other business owners with tips on business and social media helps... That’s Not Small!
It takes a lot of work to keep a “small” business successful, and I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners. I think it’s in my blood!
All that to say you may think a business is small but the owner thinks it’s everything!
Tell me what’s special about what you do below, I’d love to hear about your Big Business!!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 168
It’s that time of year again, no not Christmas, it’s when I accept collaborations for 2018! If you are interested I’d love to work with you. Please DM me for more details.
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 106
Now accepting collaboration requests for 2018! DM me for more information
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 73
Theses pretties are all available as Precut Paper Flower Kits!
Best of all they are 50% off! Click on link in my profile to get yours today.
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 149
#paperflowers  Aren’t just for weddings and backdrops anymore! Biggest trend in #paperflower  decor is #nurserydecor  and #girlsroomdecor  And YES color matching is available!! ・・・
I'm swooning over this so cute baby girls nursery!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 132
Just shipped out my last #paperflower  order for 2017!
Phew...It was a busy year! 🌸🌼🌸
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 138
“We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne.”
Best wishes to you my IG friends!
Graphic by @finelivingconcierge
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 68
A little boho chic to start the New Year! Paper flowers and feathers💕
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 213
This special order is going out today. Custom colors and sizes! Checkout my stories to see how I create the gorgeous gold flowers!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 103
I know I say this all the time...but....I think these are my favorites.
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 236
How about a little #bohochic  ? This gorgeous feather garland and paper flower hoop make the perfect set! They will both be back in the shop this week!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 222
White, pinks and a pop or red for the win!!!
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 171
You don’t need a big wall of flowers to make a statement! These pretty #succulents  are just enough to add a special touch!
#bridalshower  #weddingshowerideas  #brunch  #partydecor  #partysupplies  #flowerwall  #paperflowers  #backdrop  #paperflowerbackdrop  #succulentlove 
3/07/2018 (Wed) ❤ 116
New set of pink and white flowers. Love the pop of color with the leaves!
3/04/2018 (Sun) ❤ 136
More beautiful navy gold and coral. Love the addition of colored leaves and vines!
1/10/2018 (Wed) ❤ 334
These beauties will add a pop of color to any space! Special orders are welcome!
Email in bio⬆️
1/10/2018 (Wed) ❤ 135
Love these little #papercraft  #succulents  that I made for all the attendees at @tinandvicky event. They are planning another fun evening in a few months. Follow them so you won’t miss out on the details!
11/26/2017 (Sun) ❤ 156