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Pigeon+Pip - Olivia Lacy ( @pigeon_and_pip )

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Pink is always in season 🌸

Started a beautiful little side table today, can't wait to show it off with a fresh coat of pink!
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 32
Sneak peek at this pretty little side kick
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 35
Happy National Pink Day
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 26
Loving these herb markers made from vintage spoons. I'm a sucker for anything vintage!
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 29
Wouldn't it be fun to know your furniture's journey? This little piece ended up finding its way to me from the Waldorf Astoria. Would love to know how it got where it did! I gave it a new look with several pink chalk paints, gold accents and dark wax. I left the Waldorf plaque in place for proof of its glory days!
Sturdy, useful and once again beautiful this accent piece would make a fantastic addition to so many rooms!
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 41
Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly.

I made these wings for my sis and couldn't wait to give them to her! But I had to take some photos with them first 😊 @wandavision
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 51
Sharing a little close up of my wooden jars for #mywooddecorwednesday  These were made for me by my father and they hold lots of little treasures.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 32
This is a peek at a "Mermaid" dresser I painted for my sister. Such a fun whimsical piece, wish I had it in my house! 🏝🐬🌊🎨 sharing for #thriftedthursday 
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 42
It's safe to say I'm a little obsessed with this mermaid dresser. The hardware completed the look. Swipe to check out the details 😊
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 51
I love going away, but it's always nice to come home...especially nice when your gardens welcome you back with a showy display of color 🌸🐝🦋🌼
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 44
Working on a new piece. Loving the colors!
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 42
Finished a smaller pair of wings. Took inspiration from all the beautiful colors of my summer flower gardens. So these could be called Garden Fairy wings.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 46
Sneak peek at the bunny bed I have been working on!
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 54
Proudly presenting....The Bunny Bed! Such a sweet piece for a little girl's bedroom.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 51
Motivating myself to begin another pair of BIG wings.

#MakingMondaysMore  best place to start each day,love notes from my boys taped all over the mirror, diy paper mache wings and the vanity I have had since I was a little girl 😊
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 62
Just finished up this beautiful bedroom set for a special little lady.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 52
Classic. Love a good grey and white combo. ❤️
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 41
My favorite piece sold 😊
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 47
I was unaware that you could grow artichokes in CT....🙄 I have big garden goals for next year! #florencegriswoldmuseum  gardens 💚
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 34
I'm sharing for #iloverepurposeddecor 

Almost everything in this room has been repurposed... my big rustic pink sideboard was at one point an old single piece hutch... the original owners had to cut off the top of the hutch to move it out of their house because it had been in one spot for so long the house had been renovated around it and they could no longer get it out! I love it and it stores all the kids games ( outta sight). The galvanized container on top of the hutch once was a liner inside a plant stand... now holds all the boys markers, crayons and various art supplies. The wicker hamper stores tons of Nerf guns and all their necessary bullets. The trunk once belonged to my husband's Grandfather and has traveled the world, we now use it as a coffee table and a sweet reminder of his family history.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 46
Latest piece I have been working on. I think it's super sweet😊
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 41
#MakingMondaysMore  I haven't brought out the pumpkins for fall decorating yet... but buckets of drying hydrangeas always end the summer and begin the fall for me.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 40
She is done! Looking sassy and ready to make a bold statement in a lucky home! It's safe to say I'm in love 😍.... hoping she goes quickly because I'm frantically looking around my house to see where she would work 😂
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 65
Showing a little love for the forgotten 5th wall with this beautiful ceiling medallion
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 32
These whimsical handmade mugs will brighten any dreary day! About to enjoy a cup of hot tea with my Momma 😊
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 36
A little sneak peek of a vintage waterfall hutch I’m almost finished with!
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 39
Vintage waterfall hutch complete 😊
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 51
Color details 😍 this whole piece came out so “soft”... the colors are just soothing. They remind me of a watercolor effect. Just over here loving on my piece ☺️
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 49
Details! The hardware on this guy is gorgeous ☺️
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 38
Can’t get enough of these deep, saturated jewel tones! Maybe it’s the winter air, plummeting temps and the need to feel “cozied up”. Whatever it is I’m loving this custom blend of Annie Sloan’s Burgundy ❤️and Napoleonic Blue💙. Sneak Peek of a gorgeous old vanity I’m almost finished with.
3/05/2018 (Mon) ❤ 40